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You know that feeling? You have a couple of meetings in the city, or you are waiting on a friend and you want to spent your time productively. But…you only have 10% left on your battery, so you need power, and WiFi…off course. Where to find a place to accommodate both?

We found our selves way to often in this scenario and this inspired us to create this website. And so, Laptops & Latte was born. We aim to be your one-stop place to find the perfect workspace for your needs. It is impossible for us to know all places, so if you’ve found one we missed, please share it with us. Together we can make those lost hours a lot more efficient and pleasant!

Have a great working day and enjoy your Latte!

Recently Added

  • Amsterdam

    House of Watt

    House of Watt is located in an old hotellobby. Downstairs you’ll find a large cafe where you can enjoy breakfast, lunch, drinks and dinner. At House of Watt read more...

    On 03-03-2018 / By
  • Hilversum


    Hilversum has a new hotspot called Mout and lucky for us it’s the perfect place to work. Right in the center of the city so easy to reach, read more...

    On 09-11-2017 / By
  • Leiden

    Coffee Star

    Coffee Star is the perfect place when you really need to get some stuff done. Located in a library so nice a quite without people interupting for a read more...

    On 09-11-2017 / By
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